Are Relaxation Drinks Safe?

Are Relaxation Drinks Safe?

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Tasty, convenient and inexpensive, relaxation drinks offer a brand new formula that guarantees immediate anxiety relief and much-needed mood boost. They are stacked with miracle workers from the herbal world and packed as on-the-go solutions. One sip and your psyche is as good as new.

Sounds great, right?

So much so, in fact, that many doubt their effectiveness.

Are Relaxation Drinks a Hoax?

 When an invention has as much marketable potential as this one, consumers are usually quick to discard it as a hoax. By now, we know just how much marketing can do for a slightly average product.

So, are relaxation drinks just another hoax?

Until scientists grace us with formal studies, we won’t know for sure. What we do know thus far is that a surprising number of consumers find relaxation drinks to be effective. As anecdotes tell us, their benefits typically include decreased blood pressure, lower respiratory rate, as well as lower heart rate.

If They Work, Why All the Fuzz? 

Most relaxation drinks, also marketed as anti-energy drinks, boast five key ingredients:

  • melatonin
  • valerian root, which aids sleep
  • theanine
  • GABA, which introduces tranquillity
  • 5-HTP which serves as a potential natural antidepressant

Taken individually, all these anti-stress ingredients work like a charm.

The problem is, stacking them in a drink lowers the overall amount of each ingredient, potentially rendering them less effective. For example, a recommended dose of theanine is 200 mg or higher. To squeeze other ingredients in, popular brands of relaxation drinks must decrease this dosage to only 0.7 mg.

Are There Any Health Concerns?

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Relaxation drinks may not be able to improve your health, but they can’t damage it either.

That is if you know how to read their labels correctly.

Pay attention to the recommended dosage, since one package of a relaxation drink may contain multiple servings. Drinking more than one at once can be potentially harmful to your health. Unless you’ve previously discussed it with your doctor, don’t mix them with medication.

Relaxation drinks may or may not be a key to our stress-ridden society. We’re rooting for the first option, even though we don’t have much evidence to support these hopes. Be it as it may, these elixirs can hardly cause any health problems if consumed with care and in moderation.

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